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Sagip PVC is performed for tropical climate

The fatal consequences of UV and humidity of building material are known (becomes yellow, moisture, termite, shrinkage…). So do the imported PVC from Asia and Europe. Although the PVC is French or European certified (e.g. NF), it follows technical standards of Eurasian market. But what could we say about tropical PVC from West-Indie, Guyana and Caribbean?

PVC Sagip100% tropicaliséToday, the compound (raw material) is made with many ingredients: resin, chalk, pigment, wax, fire-rated and impact treatment components and more specifically the titanium dioxide. This last ingredient contributes to the whiteness, UV protection and light absorption. The titanium dioxide is also used in industrial paints and white coatings which stay out of the sun (car paint, plastic tarpaulin…).

In many cases, the mix is 4 parts titanium dioxide to 100 parts resin in Europe. In Sagip case, the R&D laboratory has improved the formulation. It’s 7 parts titanium dioxide to 100 parts resin. This PVC is specifically made for tropical climate.

As a consequence, the PVC is time-resistant, stable and brilliant white. There is no cracking and no crumbling like plastic pieces. For example, the Galion factory had built with PVC panels 15 years ago. It, more particularly the outside coating, hasn’t been discovered changed or distorted.

Sagip is performed the only tropical and durable PVC in West-Indies, Guyana and Caribbean.