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PVC panels

Sagip is specialized in extrusion. We manufacture PVC panels such as:

– PVC ceiling panels,

– PVC wall panels,

– Bathroom PVC wall and PVC ceiling panels,

– Indoor and outdoor PVC panels.


Sagip PVC panels feature strengths like:

– Covering, decorative,

– UV–resistant, special formulation for tropical climates of West-Indies, French Guiana and Caribbean,

– Rot proof, Environmentally friendly (100 % recyclable),

– High intensity, time-resistant,

– Fire rated Euro class E (except Eco range).


Wildly applications:

– Living–room, bed-room, garage, kitchens, others rooms,

– All kinds of roofs, ceilings, verticals or slopes walls.


Sagip manufactures three lines: “Classical”, “Light” and “Eco”.



This panel is the most commonly used. It’s suitable for walls, partitions and suspended ceilings. It’s impact damage resistant (never sag) and stronger. Indoor and outdoor uses.

Board P 08 311
Board P 08 312
Board P 08 314

Board P 08 330


This one is called “Light” because it’s the thinnest. It’s handy and resistant. Its characteristics makes it ideal for suspended ceilings under roof frame both inside and outside homes.

Board P 08 317

Board P 08 311 A
Board P 08 312 A
Board P 08 314 A


The “ECO” range is different from the “Classical” and the “Light” by its price, its formulation and its use. Nevertheless, it’s as efficient and high performing as the “Light”. It perfectly covers suspended ceilings of garage, shelter, attic space, studio…

Board P 08 317 ECO