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Board 10 cm

classique Classical Allégé Light Eco Eco Stabilisation UV UV resistant Classé au feu M1 Euro class fire rated Imputrescible Rot proof Recyclable Recyclable Isolant Insulating

10 cm board is light and handy. It is ideal for covering suspended ceilings of small and medium surfaces. A groove appears on the board each 10 cm. Go to the characteristics and tips by clicking on technical sheet.

  • Board P 08 317

The P 08 317 board covers ceilings simply and easily. This reference is available in 4 meters and 6 meters large by 10 cm wide. The length is custom-made. La première de la gamme avec une surface plane.

Allégé Stabilisation UV Classé au feu M1 Imputrescible Recyclable >>> Technical sheet P08317

  • La planchette P 08 317 ECO

P 08 317 ECO is cheap to run. It renovates ceilings of garage, shed…

Eco Imputrescible Recyclable >>> Technical sheet P08317 ECO