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Introduction and history review


A guaranteed know-how

A strong historical dimension

A local production, a regional and an international distribution

Human being and quality are the key policy of Sagip group

Certified French and European qualities

Historical review

1994 Creation of Sagip Cayenne and Sagip Martinique, PVC joinery retailers and makers

 1995 Creation of the production plant, Sagip Galion.

1996  Sagip extended in Guadeloupe, PVC joineries wholesaler

1998 Sagip won its 1st quality price in French Guiana

1999/2003 Sagip increased its production capacity (5 extrusion ligns)

Sagip won its 2nd quality price in French Guiana in the SME-SMI category.

Sagip galion focused its strategy on the quality. Obtaining of the European ISO 9001 certificate.

2002 Diversification with the manufacturing of industrial polystyrene and polyurethane foam.

2002 Sagip has reached 6 millions € investment cumulated since 1998

2004 Innovation with the development of a formula of extruded material resistant to the climate of the West Indies and French Guiana.

2008 Creation of SURIPE Surinam

2009 Technical improvements of the PVC paneling range. ISO 9001 certification, 2008 version obtained

2011 ACERMI certificate obtained for the polystyrene, an efficient and enduring insulator.

Sagip Cayenne moves for a spacious retail space, new and contemporary (toLarivot industrial park). Sgip Cayenne becomes Sagip Larivot.

2012 Launched of the first Sagip building material: cladding PVC