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PVC panels

Where could PVC panels be installed?

Sagip PVC panels are suitable both for inside and outside (partitions coatings, walls, suspended ceilings, and on the roof structure).The formulation of Sagip products meets the specific climate of the West Indies, French Guiana and the Caribbean.

What are the different types of Sagip PVC boards?

The extruded boards are available in 10 cm, 20 cm or 30 cm wide.

According to a specific formulation, the PVC board is “classical”, “Eco” or colored (blue, pink, green, blue, cream, grey or white).

The PVC board is called “Light” or “Classical” depending on its thickness.

Do the PVC panels could be made-to-measure?

The PVC boards are available in 4 or 6 meters (depending on the model). Sagip produces made-to-measure PVC boards on demand. All our joineries are made-to-measure.
Our production is local. This proximity allows fast delivery and a constant supply of all Sagip products: PVC panel, joinery, foam mattress, insulation and polystyrene food packaging and board.

How to maintain PVC?

To remove stains, clean with a cloth and soapy water are effective. It’s a hygienic material. If a PVC board is damaged, just unstick it, as well as those located on both sides. Once the new board changed, replace the whole in place.

How to solve possible problems of condensation on PVC boards?

The condensation is related to heat shock. To stop it, it is necessary to insulate your home by adding an insulator either in the suspended ceiling or in the walls of your home.

How long is guaranteed Sagip PVC?

Sagip PVC is 10 years guaranteed. And the Deceuninck profiles used for the joineries are 15 years guaranteed.

How Sagip PVC panel reacts to the natural elements?

The specific formulation provides resistance to the tropical sun, weather and bad weather of the West Indies and French Guiana.
In addition, Sagip PVC is fire rated.
The entire manufacturing process and the system set up in Sagip Galion are certified ISO 9001 by AFAQ. Sagip PVC is durable, robust, stable and resistant.

Does the PVC (joineries, PVC boards and PVC cladding) are stronger than other building materials?

The resistance of Sagip PVC is higher than the plywood because it does not fear water, it is rot proof, flexible and strong. All qualities that neither plywood nor aluminum possess.

What does fire Euroclass rated mean?

The fire rated Euroclass  is how the PVC behaves as a fuel. This reaction is set after standardized tests in approved center.

By the official report of reaction to fire classification N° RA09-0327, Sagip PVC is Euro class fire rated by CSTB.

What does ISO 9001 V 2008 mean?

“The ISO 9001″ standard describes the requirements for a system of quality management for use either internally or for contractual purposes or certification. It is thus a set of obligations that the company must follow”. (source:Afnor).

Where can I find euro class fire rated, ISO 9001and ACERMI certificates?

Euro class fire rated and ISO 9001 are classified under Produits>Lambris PVC >Certificats
ACERMI is downloadable fron  Products section >Polystyrène.

Where Sagip PVC panels are distributed?

Our products are distributed through our exclusive retailers Sagip Cayenne, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Suripe. They are also sold through our retailers. Go to the Contact section.


What are the characteristics of the Sagip polystyrene plates?

Polystyrene plates are intended for thermal insulation of housing.

The polystyrene slips into ceilings, walls and partitions thanks to its lightness. Isolate, keeps in its housing a temperature lower by 5 to 10 ° C from the outside temperature

The polystyrene is an insulator with an excellent value for money. Indeed, this is a material that is durable. Finally, it is stable and its components are fire resistant.

Why is it important to isolate?

In the West Indies and French Guiana, it is important to insulate its home. Thus, you save energy (lower electric bill due to a reduced use of air conditioning), protect the environment (CO2 emissions limited) and more comfortable life (low temperatures maintained).

What is ACERMI?

The Association for the Certification of Insulating Materials (ACERMI) is an independent organism whose role is to ensure the thermal performance of insulators. Since March 2011 the industrial Sagip polystyrene (SAGISO) is certified ACERMI (No. 11/132/702), giving it powerful insulating properties.

How the Sagip insulatior is made?

The manufacture of Sagip polystyrene plates are punctuated by two steps:

  1.  The prefoaming: microbeads are expanded to water vapor in a prefoam machine.
  2. The manufacture of blocks: compressed in a mold, the expanded beads clump together to form a block. It is then cut into plates. Different densities and sizes are available. (See Sagiso technical sheet).

Why is it important to pack food in the polystyrene box?

The cold chain is not interrupted and allows safe food storage.

Polyurethane foam

What is the process of manufacturing the polyurethane foam?

A liquid preparation is poured into a mold. The foam block thus formed swells by chemical reaction. Once cooled, it is cut into plates depending on the size and density required for both the mattresses and  the cushions.

What are the dimensions of the mattresses/plates/cushions?

The polyurethane foam is known for its comfort, strength and damping qualities. Several sizes, thicknesses and densities are available.

PVC joineries

What are the characteristics of the Sagip joineries?

Sagip PVC products are manufactured and assembled locally (French Guiana, Guadeloupe and Martinique). Made-to-measure joineries suit all architectural styles, as well as for renovation than for the new construction..

What are Deceuninck profile?

The Sagip joineries are developed from Deceuninck profiles, Sagip provider. The Deceuninck joineries are known for their mechanical qualities and are guaranteed 15 years. Sagip PVC joinery is a reference thanks to its maximum sound isolation, its optimum resistance to water and wind and its stronger safety (ranking AEV). Finally, they are adapted to tropical climates because they are UV-stabilized.